Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It pains me a little to have to explain, but yes, I did edit the post below, and no, it wasn't all the people who emailed me asking if they offended me or telling me they weren't offended by what I wrote. Y'all did not offend me.

I appreciate y'all's willingness to hear me out - but - when an admittedly personal struggle is published and I get comments accusing me of being mental...nuh-uh. Not playing. My post was *not* an invitation to debate, accusation or other intolerance.

Apparently the logic of intolerantly accusing a person of being intolerant escapes good old Anonymous. Afraid-a-mous? As for the "Anonymous," look here.

(Don't say you didn't see that one coming. I have the spiritual gift of sarcasm, and am not actually mad about this. Think of it as performance art at Anonymous' expense.)

It seems to me that blogging is a friendly business, and - sarcasm aside - y'all are my bloggy friends. If I ever start a theology blog, I'll let you know. This one is going to continue to be about knitting, and cats, and a good dose of Crazy. I just don't have the desire or energy to bother with moderating comments. At least if I get comments accusing me of being mental because I knit, have two cats and tell crazy stories, they'll be telling the truth!

This weekend I'm going to do some housecleaning with the blog I've meant to do for a while. One of the changes will be Haloscan comments, although it will hide the Blogger comments for all eternity. I just can't stand Blogger's "noreply@" emails anymore. I want to be able to reply (in a friendly way!) to comments and answer questions and whatnot. So don't panic if you come here Monday and the comments are gone! Haloscan requires it. Blech. But it's going to be fine in the end!

That's it! Love you all! Back tomorrow with more knitting stories! This is a very bad picture of Fee sleeping in my sock drawer.



Blogger Annie said...

I hope you don't keep your gorgeous handknit socks in that drawer! It's a good thing I don't have cats, I'd probably lose them in all the mess.

Well said. I am constantly posting about my own personal struggles, beliefs, etc... and I hope you will continue to do so. Talking about what is important to you, what you believe, what gets your ass out of bed in the morning in no way threatens what another person believes.

10:33 PM  
Blogger esp said...

If you started a theology blog, I'd read it daily. This is your blog, and write what is in your heart. For every "anonymous" person out there griping, there's a person like me who read that post and said "wow - that's amazing". Thanks for giving us all lots to think about. :)

11:37 PM  
Blogger bellamoden said...

I'm upset for you... I loved your post, and felt no adequate words for responding. If that makes sense.

You're perfectly cromulent the way you are and the way you blog. I count myself lucky to know you.

Haloscan is such a necessary evil. But I can understand your using it!

11:47 PM  
Blogger KSD said...

Be who you are.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I hate it when mean ppl ruin a good thing. :(

6:29 AM  
Blogger teabird said...

I second KSD - be who you are.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Grandma Barb said...

Yes!!!! I "third" that bit of advice. Trust me, it comes with 60 years of experience. That's always been my philosophy in life - I am who I am - like it or not - love me or leave me.You have a wonderful blog - I enjoy it immensely.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Sheila said...

and a "fourth." Thanks to you to thought about the concept of Grace and suffering and feel I'm a better person for having done so. Without you, it'd just have been another day.

As for anony-cowards, I've had my share of those on my blog to and though it's sometimes hard, they do go away if you ignore them.

I didn't see the comment at issue but I presume the author must be very unhappy.

I love your blog, I love your views on things and I love having you in my life (3d and otherwise!)

9:15 AM  
Blogger Barbara B. Solbrig said...

I too am sad that you removed that which came from your heart. I was in agreement with you.
Just remember that it is your blog and you write for yourself; if other want to read it, they obviously can, but you aren't writing to make them happy or get their approval.
I love reading your blog ('cause you are a Rockin' Girl Blogger!).
Keep the faith; with your own voice and God!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous mel said...

Have you seen the Penny Arcade bit that just about sums up your anonymous posters?

Note: contains graphic language.

I'm sorry to hear folks left you bad comments. I like your bits of theology thrown in. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don't, but I always appreciate the way you write your opinions on the matter. They're not preachy, but they are clearly from the heart. And again, agree or not, I usually learn something new, which is a good thing.

1:06 PM  
Blogger TheBunny said...

Kitty in a drawer. How very handy!

I'm sorry you even have to think about editing posts and comments and stuff. You are a good egg and fun to read.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that post, but when I went back to it to show it to my was gone. Speaking from age, let it shine, girl. You are who and what you are b/c you were formed that way for a reason. He never makes mistakes. I don't have an account, but I'm signing. Trace

5:12 PM  
Blogger Stormy said...

Ya know, Some of my favorite people in the whole world are nuts. Take Einstein for example. Theology is one of those "ologies" biology that are better left to discussion with those that either ask or have to take it as a required course.
I also wanted to stick my nose in and say Wow and yay for the organization thing. Happy for you.

10:33 AM  

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