Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Geeked out completely on maths

But first let me say I (heart) Scout. Our girl was on Knitty Gritty yesterday and did a GREAT job of showing how to hand-dye yarn. She showed that it's easy, it's controllable, and it's not the messy, ruin-your-kitchen process it first seems to be when you learn about dyeing. It made me want to dye yarn again. She also looks great, is well-spoken, and smiles exactly like her pictures. Go Scout!

I spent some time last night during my date with Jack Bauer doing maths. I weighed the yarn I have left over - 70g of a 100g skein of Alpaca with a Twist Fino. The entire skein was 875 yards. I'm using it doubled, so I have 437 yards of working yarn. This means I've used 30 grams or 131 yards of (doubled) yarn so far.

Next, I counted my already-completed motifs. At that point, through 7 repeats of the body pattern, I had 90 motifs. Dividing away, I discovered that I'm using about 10g of yarn per 30 motifs (which are the leaves in the design, eh). More math, including figuring the addition of two new leaves per repeat (22, then 24, then 26, and so on) told me that I'll be down to about 17g of yarn when I reach 32 leaves across. This will leave me 17g to do the edging. Theoretically.

Math like this has a way of working out neatly on paper for me, but bearing little or no resemblance to real life, so - I'll need to weigh my skein after every pattern repeat to make sure I'm still on track. Susan is right, I'm getting to the point where each row eats up a ton of yarn, so it's best to be careful. When I get down around the 20g mark I'm going to stop after that repeat and knit the edging. I think this is only two more repeats than what she originally planned in the pattern, and I'm using almost 85 yards more yarn than what the pattern calls for, 437 instead of 350. It's amazing to me that that will only get me an extra 16 rows.

I have a second-degree burn from the oven on my right index finger. It is so, so not pretty. It didn't hurt at all when I did it, just turned powdery-white. Yesterday I put my hand in my pocket for change and when I took it out the skin ripped off of the burn. EEEEK! So a large part of my energy is being spent keeping my dang hand clean. It looks like a burnt myself with a #5 needle, only a half-inch long or so. But these things have a way of getting nasty quick.

Thanks to EVERYONE who left such great comments on my Clapotis. It is definitely keeping my neck very warm and happy. I think I'm going to wash it and just let it dry, and not worry about blocking. Because after all there is theoretically a year and a half of cat hair knitted into it.



Blogger Julie said...

The math makes my head hurt. However, it is a necessary evil, eh?

Hope your finger heals up quickly!

8:12 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I like the math. But your poor finger!

7:36 PM  
Blogger raeknits!_and_spins said...

Those burns kill! I did the same thing on a toaster oven once, I know what you mean by the powdery-white! Except in my case, my skin stuck to the heating element, and made for a nice fragrance in the breakroom!

11:19 AM  

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