Monday, March 05, 2007


Hey y'all! Hope you like my crazy critter. I'm not so good with sewing the mouth yet, he's pretty lumpy and I hope it doesn't look like my little kitty monster od'd on collagen. But I love him and even brought him to work today.

I edited this heavily because I just went on too long...y'all please check out Heather's blog today. Heather has a friend who has devoted her life to making sure that some kids in an impoverished South African community have books, food and schooling. Heather's daughter goes to a Montessori school that is partnering with the school in South Africa to raise funds for books. Heather's story is better than my version of it, and she's being incredibly generous with a giveaway tied to donations.

Once again, yarn is involved, and it's a good cause. If you can spare some cash, I can personally vouch for the quality, beauty and general loveliness of Heather's yarn. It's nice to see someone giving back, and it's overwhelming to me to think about the books I had at my disposal growing up in the 70s, and impossible to imagine my childhood without them.

Check out Heather's blog for details, and at very least maybe post a link to her page? Don't feel pressure, just do something if you can.


Blogger Chris said...

A friend emailed me about this one, too - very cool. I'm in and am going to post about it tomorrow.

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