Thursday, March 16, 2006

Time for a cat bed

I'll be making Wendy's kitty bed, and I'm trying to decide on colours.

I have two balls of Paton's Classic Wool - chocolate brown and light tan. Those are in for sure. I'm trying to decide between a light green/dark green or a light blue/dark blue combination for the other colours.

This is the colour scheme that inspired me. So maybe I should just pick one blue or one green - and throw in a random stripe of pumpkin or something.

Also, I think I have decided on a sweater to make. It's a pullover in The Ultimate Knitter's Guide (basically a book for beginner knitters published by Rowan) called Sweet. (I can't find any pictures.) It's a basic pullover with ruffled cuffs and bottom edge. The ruffles call for 400+ stitches to start! Whoo, I'll be practicing my cast-on.

Just need to figure out which yarn. I'm leaning toward Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

I've finished winding two of my three hanks of Cascade 220. I just need to finish this sweater. I need to seam one arm of the baby sweater for my sister that will probably fit her just fine now (it was too big at Christmas). Poor, lonely, ignored Clapotis...sigh. I need to make a couple of second socks. And then I will be finished with my WIPs!

1. Sweater
2. Second camoflague sock (do my own short-row heels this time though)
3. Seam baby sweater
4. Clapotis
5. Prize socks (one done to toes, the other is still in gusset-land)
6. Armwarmer - am I doing anything with this?
7. Second Jaywalker (which reminds me, I think the Jaywalker pattern would make a great armwarmer)

Not too bad.


Blogger Jennifer said...

In my spare time (ha-ha!) I've been trying to do a Jaywalker/armwarmer pattern. It needs a eeny bit of came out kinda big, I have to remember that my legs and my arms are different sizes...

12:14 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I like Cotton Fleece for sweaters, altho I haven't finished one for me yet - mostly just used it for baby stuff.

How about a blue and a green?

4:25 PM  

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