Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am lazy

I'm supposed to be leaving for work in 10 minutes and all I've done is wash my face. Oops. It will take 10 minutes for makeup and another 10 to straighten my hair, so I'm going to be late.

I got a toe done. I'm not starting the rationalizing yet, but I'll be very surprised if I get sock two done. It doesn't really matter to me - I've definitely met my Olympic challenge - but I'm going to do it just because I said I would do it.

I was on a rowing crew in college. It permanently changed me - from my hands and heels (badly scarred) to my brain. I won't give up - because I was an oarsmen. I have that temperament; a mixture of tenacity and orneriness. Not because of rowing, but just generally, I tend to easily get obsessed with things. In addition to that, I'm generally the type that loses interest before finishing something, which is a scatterbrained combination -- unless I think I can't do it. Then I dig in and push harder, and the on-water personality comes out. My lungs are burning - so what? My legs are shaking - and? I puked in the water - good, I'm lighter now. Keep pulling.

So for now I'm going to keep knitting. I haven't gotten mad at these socks yet. I think knitting should generally be free of mad, and free from the confines of competetive sport. But I'm gettin' there. And not quitting yet.


Blogger Scoutj said...

This made me think of Dorie in Nemo, "Just keep knitting, just keep knitting!"

8:02 AM  
Blogger Jen said...


8:53 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

It's good you're not mad at the project. :) Hang in there!!!

2:36 PM  

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