Saturday, October 22, 2005

Today we went for Mexican food and the zoo. I have a relationship with Mexican food which can be summarized by saying - if I had top-secret government information someone wanted and I was holding out, and someone decided to dangle a bowl of cheese dip in front of me, I'd give it up in two seconds flat. Torture for me is not being able to eat cheese dip. (I have an unnatural relationship with most of the dairy family.)

The zoo was fun. The elephants were sort of antisocial, the red pandas were fun to watch, I saw an alpaca with a funky 70s haircut who was trying to eat the deadbolt off the fence he was in, and a goat tried to eat the zoo map out of my back pocket. So I got this brilliant idea I would pull a branch down for Goat to nibble. Six other goats showed up! One was preggers and followed me around after that. Then we watched an anaconda get fed. Poor little rabbit. He was already dead when they put him in there, and then she - the snake - squeezed him up anyway. She squeezed the poo out of this little bunny and kept sticking its head down her throat. We were waiting for her to finish her meal but she wouldn't. Kids were gathered all around, and it was amazing how many parents just let their young, young kids watch.

Then Waffle House and general hanging out. A perfect day. :)


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