Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am starting to feel better. It was a bit dodgy this afternoon, but I took my comforter cover to the cleaners (because I chucked some cat-pee filled pajamas onto it last night, but thankfully nothing soaked in and it didn't smell, but I figure it needed cleaning anyway); I vac'd, I lysol'd, and I have the a/c set at 68.


Mom is going to be in the path of Wilma. If only she can sell her house before a storm takes it out...sigh...shingles blow straight through the screens on the lanai, etc. Then you can't find anyone to replace them because EVERYONE needs screens. During Jeanne I was there, and it was the oddest thing - the surface of the pool was completely still. You could have set a piece of paper on the patio and it would have stayed put. But ten feet up? 100-mph winds.

It was the oddest thing. I hope Wilma goes to hang out with Betty instead of going to Daytona Beach.


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