Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's cold this morning

As in 42.

I knitted another swatch last night - this time on 3's. I am happy to report it Does Not look like a Hairball. Thank goodness. But I don't think I like the Glorianna scarf after all. Next I'm going to try the white one with the eyelets, and if that doesn't work out or I can't stand knitting it then I'll be gifting the yarn and pattern to someone...she knows who she is, she's Miss "I'm on a Yarn Fast for REAL" and it might be fun for her. I am starting to think I like yarn with a bit more...substance...to it. I do have some yummy yummy yarn to make the Opera Scarf - it literally glows. Trouble is I buy this stuff thinking "Kim's birthday" or whatever and then I knit it and fall in love with it myself. Not this time! Must. Have. Discipline.

It's 7:20 and my hair is still rolled in a towel. There's just no excuse for me today! Let's see if I can get to office by 8:30. Arrrrgh.


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