Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Knit PICKS rant

Well, I emailed Knit PICKS and Crafts Americana (your KNITPICKY online yarn vendor) a complaint about the name change thing.

I just think the name change is idiotic. I had a bad experience with Knit PICKS recently anyway - first I noticed how badly designed their website is. Very, extremely, unbelievably hard to find anything. And then I had bad customer service. And a terrible shipping experience.

They do have some nice yarn. But why should I order from them instead of somebody else? Is it worth ordering from a snotty company with a bad website who takes forever to ship to you and can't answer your questions to save a dollar or two on a skein of yarn? I don't know.

Actually, it's Crafts Americana I'm mad at, not Kelly at Knit PICKS.


Blogger Jerry & Maxy said...

You go girl. It took 2 weeks for my order to get to me - from OH to CO. Unbelievable. And then the yarn color was Catholic school kelly green (Grass - yes, I should have known my monitor was off.). I have to send it back. SO it will be a month before I get the yarn I wanted...not a good start with this company for me. I've since ordered color cards, but those will take 2 weeks...

And really, I'm just sad about PixieKnits.

You've kept it much tamer on knitty, Yoshimi. And really I clicked on your blog to tell you that I adore your avatar. Is that your kitty?

shelaghms - just so you're not wondering...

4:54 PM  

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