Thursday, September 22, 2005

So tonight decided to tackle Opera scarf, a WIP/UFO that I had pledged to do something with by October 1.

Is pretty interesting stitch pattern to sit there with, but I think maybe I didn't like the yarn *for this project.* Anyway, knitted a few rows then decided it was ugly and frogged whole thing. Wound yarn.

Happened to find two skeins of Classic Elite Beatrice and thought "Oh! Scarf!" and decided to knit a brioche scarf. Cast on 21 sts on #11s and started knitting. Realized was nearly halfway through the ball with about 7" of scarf to show for it. Frogged. Cast on 15 stitches and plowed through a skein of yarn in lovely, yummy, cushy, happy brioche.

15" long. 30-inch scarf not an option.

Frogged. Decided to knit wristwarmers with Beatrice. But then decided that would rather have wristwarmers that match Manos hat, which means must use forest green worsted Wool of Andes from Secret Pal. Wound Beatrice and set aside.

Dug out Voodoo pattern and two #5 circs. Cast on, knitted, knitted. Decided that I dislike using two circs - prefer more efficient magic loop. Set aside until tomorrow.

Put on Manos hat and checked the time - 11pm. Four hours of knitting and I've got three rows of 2x2 rib to show for it. Doesn't really bother me, but think it's funny.

Think Beatrice will also become a hat. Yarn is too pretty not to wear on head.


Blogger xoomaguru said...

Ok, so I don't know why I read this blog. I don't knit and I like dogs. We are about the same age, I guess and you write well. Don't you just love this blog thing?

I did notice your into Jane Austin. I was dragged to a Jane Austin film, up in Suttons Bay Theater, with the woman I dated just before I met my wife. Persistance? or something like that. I married a republican after her. Thanks Jane for showing me I am all man. I laugh now about it. I feel bad when I think the best part about that movie was the girl falling in the end. I finally woke up at that part. I think I'll stick to Star Wars. I don't want to think too hard about my feelings when I am trying to be entertained.

Asthma. It can be beaten. My parents put me in soccer and all it did was prove I could play any sport for about 15 minutes before I keeled over weezing. I found two sports that helped me gradually beat it. One was swimming. The other was mountain biking. Both can be done in small intervals and force the lungs to become stronger. Biking can be more fun unless your swimming in open water. Just stay shallow. I know your probably like "yeh yeh" but I haven't used my inhaler in over nine years.

Surfing along now. Good luck in life. :)

11:40 PM  

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