Saturday, September 17, 2005

Last night was the Horror Hootenany - good live show for the Codenames and lots of fun otherwise. Today Kim and I went bargain hunting at several antique places and TJ Maxx. I bought a shrug...that is so unlike me! I was just sure it would look horrible but it's CUTE. I have really no idea what to wear it with other than the shell top I got for's rough to try to look arty and 30ish and stylish all in the same deal. Tonight is a fund-raiser for one of my clients and I wanted a dressy jeans look.

So I have these fun boot cut jeans and black top with shrug (the shrug is like a matelaisse texture, v cool) and a yellow and black Jerry Garcia neck tie to wear as a belt. Will probably give to He Who Loves Pre-Amps (hereafter known as HWLP) after.

He wore a priest collar and Elvis Costello army glasses last night though, looked pretty durn cool.


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