Monday, September 19, 2005

I have asthma.

That's right...asthma. I've been whiny and sick and run down and generally irritating for the last week, and it turns out my bronchii are not fully cooperating.

So now I have medicine. I mean, I had 2 years of allergy shots as a kid. I've had an inhaler for years (that I rarely use). But now I have 1. Flonase (been taking it a year) 2. Advair (steroid and long-term bronchodilator for lungs) 3. Singulair (blocks leukotrenes or something) and 4. normal Maxair inhaler (which I have learned is called a 'rescue' inhaler).

So apparently my doctor's deal is to pump me full of drugs so that I either breathe right or don't notice I am breathing wrong anymore.

Either seems fine with me.


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