Tuesday, September 06, 2005

IImagine this. Everything you own is gone, and you are in danger of dying of thirst or starvation or e. coli or maybe a putrid wound. Maybe you didn't have time to put your shoes on before the water hit the second floor of your house, and you made it out, but you're barefoot. Imagine the emotional devastation you feel, and add to that the opportunistic humiliation of having to steal in order to stay alive. Maybe, yeah, you took some Nikes - but it's because the shoes you actually own are under 10 feet of water. Or because some jerk at the Superdome peed on them and you threw them out. You took water. You took food. Maybe a bottle of sunscreen to keep your eight-month-old from getting sun poisoning. You did this knowing that you didn't have much choice, and knowing that the company you stole from has insurance that covers the contents of its building regardless of what's actually left intact.

Then, you're looking for hope amidst the nightmare of crap and sweat and water and e coli that has become your life, and your president all but calls you a criminal. And FEMA turns away people bringing in free stuff for you to eat, drink and wear. How inspiring.

Ok, I know it's legal to loot food and water, but come ON.

I voted twice for Bush, and I am a conservative at heart. Government should be involved in very little in the lives of citizens, but disaster relief is one of the big ones. Disaster relief does not include that kind of condemnation. It's just stuff, for crying out loud.

Michael Brown, director of FEMA, should be fired. Immediately, if not sooner.

I am not, understand, talking about those who stole jewelry and big-screen tvs. That is looting. Stealing food, water and clothing isn't looting. If you don't agree, go read somebody else's blog.


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