Saturday, September 10, 2005

The hat is finished and blocking. I made a gauge error when I knit my swatch. I forgot I knit a bit differently in the round. So instead of 4.5 stitches per inch that my swatch was, my hat was 5 sts per inch. I started out with 104 stitches thinking I wanted a multiple of 8 because of the decreases, then when I found the gauge error decided that to have a proper 20" hat I would need to drop it to 100 and therefore decrease in multiples of ten, so before I started the k2tog decreases I did one k2tog decrease four times at 12, 3, 6 and 9. The result is that the decreases look sort of decorative - it's only one stitch, but it does obviously come down one more, and looks pretty darn cool.

My friend told me the color is perfect with my hair.

I also spent an ungodly amount of time today making a tiny bear from Summer IK. When I talked to my nephew today we decided it would be funny if his Bubby Bear had a Tiny Bear. So I thought, no big deal. Much cussing and stomping later, I finished it - I knit it with worsted yarn on size 0 double-pointed needles and it does look really neat but I HATE THOSE NEEDLES so I am offering them up for swap on Knitty. I really hope someone wants them! I also tried to make a pair of the "Better than Booties baby socks" from summer IK but those damn I need a size 0 or 1 circ with a 40" cord, I'll stick to magic loop because otherwise I will soon need my first Botox injection.

happy saturday!


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