Monday, September 12, 2005

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Ten Years Ago I was 25, working in a local chain bookstore's marketing department, was not a knitter, was probably listening to Matthew Sweet and wearing clothes that were wayyy too big for me. Five Years Ago At 30 I was already working for the mag, not Dating Anyone, wearing dressier clothes that were way too big for me, learning how to do makeup and serious photo shoots, probably listening to Oasis and kind of getting tired of the christian music industry. One year ago I was getting ready to go to my cousin Thom's wedding in Onekama, wearing clothes that fit me and listening to Loretta Lynn. Five Snacks 1. Popcorn 2. Trefoils Girl Scout Cookies 3. Pretzels 4. Snickers Bars 5. Edamame Five songs I know all the words to 1. Great is Thy Faithfulness 2. The Woman Who's Burning Down Our Family Tree, Loretta Lynn 3. I Envy the Wind, Lucinda Williams 4. Keep On The Sunny Side, The Carter Family 5. The Green River Monster, The Codenames Five things I would do with $100 million 1. Give 2. Buy a Honda Pilot 3. Buy a house 4. Go to Europe 5. Buy some clothes that fit Five places to run away to 1. NYC 2. Malibu 3. Rome 4. London 5. Mom's back yard Five things I would never wear 1. Tank tops 2. high-waisted jeans 3. Thong swimsuit 4. Fur coat 5. Old-lady sunglasses Five favorite TV shows 1. LOST 2. House 3. Without a Trace 4. Any Law & Order 5. Planet's Funniest Animals (with sound off) Five biggest joys 1. My nieces and nephews / family 2. DB 3. Stargazing 4. Laying on the beach 5. Knitting


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