Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Monday - I finished the blanket this weekend! And a washcloth. And knitted several rows of my sweater, though not enough to change my progress bar. (Sigh.) I started my second sock, and need to finish the trim on the baby jacked and the red and brown tote bag. I'm not buying yarn for a while, except to get the stuff to make a Bear for Vicki. Probably will get that tonight or tomorrow.

In other news, today I send out my Last Credit Card Payment. Hopefully Ever. I've paid off about $7500 this year, and it feels GOOD. I still have to pay off my student loan, but praise God, I don't owe money to the Sharks anymore. And they are Sharks! I mean EEEEvil. I pay off $1000, they raise my credit limit. I pay off the next thou, and I get a note "offering" to "let" me "write a check" for "cash" - which is really asking me to charge MORE on my account! JERKS!

I mean SERIOUSLY, these people are predatory and desperate and prey on people with money weaknesses. I'm keeping the card for a while just so the jerks have to keep paying to send me statements.

Grr. But Hooray too!


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