Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Have finished Sock #1 with the Birthday Yarn. Short-row toe and heel. I feel certain that my next sock will be ever so slightly closer to perfect, but this is darn good for a first sock, I think...or maybe I am being too kind to myself.

New title for blog, in honor of a conversation I had with Kirsten, which went something like this:

Jen: I hate knitting i-cord. How much do I have to knit for this darn bag.
Kirsten: I think it should be as tall as you. Six feet or so.
Jen: Well ok, (fumbles with tape measure) how many inches is that?
Kirsten: 144?
(Look of shock and horror on Jen's face, then laughter as both realize that 144 inches is actually 12 feet, or twice as much.)

Maybe you had to be there - I laughed till I cried, and Kirsten nearly wet her pants. So now my worst knitting nightmare is embodified by the idea of knitting 144 inches of i-cord. The seventh circle of hell, or something.


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