Saturday, December 15, 2007

A quick note about Koolhaat

Jared is right about using Malabrigo on this hat. I got pretty skimpy row gauge too. I thought I was doing okay, but of course one cannot easily see the top of one's head; I tried doing the decreases after only 4 pattern repeats and it came out too short. So I ripped back the decreases - first with abandon, then more carefully for the last two or three interminable rows (Malabrigo is so splitty) - and have decided to add a fifth repeat to it. (I am always plainly terrified to rip cables, but it usually works out all right unless you get a runner - you know, a dropped stitch within a cable.) I think after this repeat the hat will be long enough. Also I have to say that if you start knitting the decreases and try hard to understand them before you do, you'll probably mess up. This is one of those shaping things that you just have to follow blindly and then all-the-sudden you'll see exactly what you have just done.

Be strong of heart, and knit it blindly! You can do it. :) Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.


Blogger sharon said...

Hi Jen - gald i could help - your header picture still doesn't show. I;d subscribe, but haven't figured that out yet!! Need to do that Koolhaas! Maybe next year at this rate though.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Tutuk said...

Hi Jen, this is my first visit to your blog, very neat and nice tips.

4:29 PM  

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