Saturday, October 28, 2006

A nice haul

Pictures tomorrow. I went to a yarn shop today and bought - 2 skeins of Frog Tree Merino, 2 skeins of Suri Merino, and one skein of Vintage 2006 100% alpaca DK weight. That yarn I was absolutely powerless to resist. It jumped into my arms and all resistance faded. The Suri is to make a requested pair of wristwarmers for my best gal friend (since you can't find THAT yarn anywhere lately) and I really have to applaud the staff at The Knaughty Knitter for being patient with me.

My best gal friend is Japanese with gorgeous dark hair and golden skin, and my skin can best be described as "red, doesn't tan" or "burns, then burns again, then finally starts to look kind of slightly colored but it might be wishful thinking." I am ruddy and red and pale and the exact opposite of her skin, so there was a salesperson at this store who was more golden-y and I used her to pick a color that would flatter my friend. I followed her around with so many different colors of yarn that the last time she saw me she just stuck out her hand for me to compare it without my asking. (I am a Yarn Stalker. Do not mess with me!)

The Alpaca DK is probably going to become some outlandish spiral-rib wristwarmers. Outlandish because I really want them to come up to mid bicep, which is just ridiculous but okay. They will at least be over the elbow.

The Frog Tree? I don't know. It was a total impulse buy.

I got lost in my old college town today. Very sad! I drove around in a lot of circles. But since it is small I found my way out pretty well.


Blogger KSD said...

I'm guessing your college town was Murfreesboro. Mine, too --- and the last time I was back, I got completely lost. What a change!!

11:44 PM  

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