Monday, February 27, 2006


Tonight I knitted a hat. It's for my friend's baby. I used Karabella Aurora 8 and a #6 needle, and the pattern is very loosely based on the stocking caps pattern from Holiday Knits. Actually, I used the yarn, needle and cast-on number. The rest is mine - cast on 72 sts, knit 10 rounds of k2, p2 ribbing, knit till it's about 4" long, decrease in 8 groups by k2tog around every other row until top, graft last 8 sts together. (Photo below)

Now I have got myself into trouble. I love this yarn. I don't like knitting with it that much...but the finished product? Smitten. The problem is that right now there is a sweater keeping me up at night. Has been for about a week - I've left crazed messages on Kirsten's answering machine about it, trying to decide if I really wanted to commit to a sweater when I can't even finish my Clapotis.

It's this sweater. I don't even know why I like it that much - it's pretty, classic, but slightly plain. It looks like it would easily become a "Mr Rogers" sweater. You know what I mean, don't you? Constant companion, best friend, always exactly correct in every situation. Jeans, khakis, skirt. Invaluable.

So then somebody on the Olympics team I was on made one. Strike two.

And strike three was this amazingly gorgeous yarn. Strike four is that tomorrow is payday.

I haven't had money trouble for a long while. I can well afford 1100 yards of this yarn, and I can probably also treat myself to a new Addi Natura needle to knit it on.

It's just that...that...I haven't spent this much on yarn, ever. Collectively I could have probably put myself through a year of college on what I've spent in the last year, but I have a hard time making the leap to the big time.

I just passed 7 years at my job, and got a nice raise. Should I justify it that way?

Should I just do it and not think?

Sigh. This is what happens when you're smitten. I don't so much want to knit a sweater with this yarn - I want to wear a sweater made of this yarn.

Trevor's Hat


Blogger Chris said...

Um, I'm soooo not the person who should comment on this, because I'm (of course) going to say go for it! Splurge on yourself a bit! And having knit the sweater for yourself will feel pretty darn good, too.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I say go for it! We all need to treat ourselves every so often.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous mel said...

I'd say your raise justifies a treat! I also totally understand where you're coming from. I too can afford the occasional sweater from something fabulous, but it is really hard to make that commitment the first time (that little voice in your head that says, but you can buy a whole sweater already made for less than that). Ignore the little voice and enjoy! That pattern looks great and we both know anything from Blue Sky Alpacas is worth cuddling up with for hours on end. Did I ever thank you for this particular yarn brand obession properly by the way? :)

2:03 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

You're welcome, and tell Grant I'm sorry! :)

You make sense. I don't know if I'm ready to tackle a sweater today, so probably it will be next payday. But today I'm going to get a copy of the Pride & Prejudice dvd and some yarn for wristwarmers. The gauntlets are cool to look at, but I used worsted and they are too hot!

4:21 PM  

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