Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cat pictures

Based on my commitment to the Knitting Kitty webring, I present this week's contribution to the Cat Photos:

First, Grady sitting on the couch after his bath. He's drying off and supervising my knitting. Yes, he gets baths - it helps control my asthma, and he gets a bit dandruffy without them.

The Scene This Afternoon

Next, Fee finds baskets of clean sheets completely irresistible:

Fee in a Basket

Tonight I'm going to an Arena football game, and I may have to stay up late to work on the Socks. Off to work on it a bit more before I leave!


Blogger Chris said...

Hi Grady and Fee!! Of course, Fee has to get busy covering the sheets with cat air, since you so rudely removed it.

Any tips you have on cat bathing (other than starting when they are kittens, 'cos it's a little late) would be much appreciated - I'm thinking bathing Chaos would help with my allergies a lot.

I would probably have get Jeanne to come over to document it, eh?!

4:44 PM  

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