Sunday, January 22, 2006

Suggestions welcome

The madness never stops - I'm 3 1/2 repeats plus the toe away from finishing the Prize socks, and I'm sitting here surfing around for a pattern to knit during the Knitting Olympics. (Go to the Yarn Harlot blog for details.)

I don't really want to make a garment, but I could make Trellis for Niecie.

I could make Jenna Wilson's Lasagne scarf for my friend Kim. (Would that be suicide, or just really, really long?)

I could make a pair of socks that are the Straight-Laced socks from Knitty. (Hey, they're extra spicy!)

I could make Nona's Baby Jacket if I use Bamboo.

I could buy 2 bags of Lang BeBe and knit a Girlfriend Shrug for a small girlfriend (that doesn't seem like a 16-day challenge though).

I'm going to do something, but I can't decide what. Would anybody like to make a suggestion? This being my first Knitting Olympics, please remember that I have a short attention span, very little personal discipline, and I'm not sure I want to make a sweater for me...yet. Though I am thinking that when Kirs and I finish Clapotis that I might want to do Patons Classic Wool...because I have this leftover gift card for JoAnn's from Christmas...

But not during the Olympics. I don't think.


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