Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm back

And really tired. The hotel room had the obligatory heater/ac unit under the window. It kept blowing the curtain straight out and for some reason I kept waking up and seeing that. Did not get much sleep.

We got to see an old friend and colleague, with her new baby and husband, we got to go to IKEA (I got some tasty furry slippers for about $2), and the meeting went well. All in all, a good time - but I am glad to be home.

Friday I'm off to visit Dad & co so I've got a couple of days to relax.

Best news is, the YARN came! It's really pretty.

Current WIPs - Jaywalker footie (pattern from Grumperina, it's really very lovely and a quick knit after I saw how the pattern works and remembered to use stitch markers). This weekend I knit to just past the gusset decreases and then frogged back to the 1" of ribbing and reknit. Actually today I reknit it - most of it on the plane, a tiny bit watching that godawful miniseries about the category 7 storm (bad wardrobe! obligatory "destruction of Statue of Liberty" scene!).

So, it's in a LL's sock yarn in a colour called Pioneer. It's really very lovely and easy to knit. I can't wait to finish it!

But I have GOT to start Clapotis - these will be my two projects this weekend during all my travel.


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