Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I think I'm dying

Coughing really bad today, doesn't seem like asthma so much as coughing something UP. BLECH!!! Which is actually a good sign - that my asthma isn't killing me.

No yarn yet. That is killing me! I just realized this morning that the colors in the LL's Safari colorway are the same as my kitty Fiona.(1-2-3 Awwww.)

My mom put her house on the market today, we'll see how it goes. She says there is nothing better for keeping Great Pyrenees dog slobber off the sliding glass door than Glad Press-n-Seal. Then you just peel it off when someone comes to see the house.

Crappity crap crap. Cough. Cough. Cough.

I started a hat for Nephew 2 to match the braided Toddle scarf shown below. It's basic ribbing on the edge and stockinette (I was worried I didn't have enough yarn of this dye lot to make a cabled hat). I'm trying to think of something clever to do with the decreases. I would *like* to figure a way to just sort of knit straight with 4 sections of decreases that will be cleverly hidden in seams at the top. I've seen a lot of kids hats this way - but usually they are double-knitted and it's not at all clear to me how to make it work. Basically I am thinking of doing the decreases in pairs at 12, 3, 6 and 9 and then seaming it so the decrease stitches become the selvedge that is hidden in the seam and the hat is sort of a pyramid on top (but not pointy).

Will have to apply all the measly powers of my spatial perception and intellect to this. When you think in 2d all the time it's sometimes hard to make the jump to three-dimensional items. My paintings are generally pretty flat because of this. Here's one I dug out this morning.



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