Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good night tonight

Yesterday was stupid, mostly difficult production issues.

A current city project in Nashville is the painting and display of 40 or so 10-foot electric guitars. They are painted by local artists with a country music theme. Most of them are brilliant. My favorite is on Commerce Street by the Ryman Auditorium - it's The Carter Family guitar, with "Keep On the Sunny Side" painted on it. I have to remember to take a picture of it before they take them down. Last year it was painted catfish. It's fun to take the kids in your life out on a hunt to find all the guitars/catfish/whatever. "Keep On the Sunny Side" is my all-time favorite song. Ever.

Today I'm packed and ready to go! Debating the issue of whether to bring one suitcase and not check it or pack a carry on and check my big bag. I have four knitting projects with me - that Garnstudio Silke Tweed that is calling to me, the scarf, Second sock, and a hank of LLs sock yarn to make some footies.

A good thing happened. A friend came over and we went through my stash (don't ask!). He suggested giving away what I'm tired of or don't want to knit anymore. So I have 12 balls of yarn to give my stepmom, who is learning to knit. AND I have more room in my copper tub for more yarn, because THAT is what it's all about, baby!

A bad thing happened. My first ever finished pair of socks, that matched and were happy and everything else, were made from LL's Shepherd Sport, which is superwash wool. I put them in the washing machine yesterday, then the dryer. One sock came out great. The other has a rather large hole - 1" x 1" - on the top of the foot. I think they snagged something. I'm going to have to pull out the sock from the hole down and reknit half the instep and the toe. No worries, I've got a ton of yarn left from those two skeins. I don't think it was a moth - it's cold here and I put them on at least once the day before I washed them, and they were fine. I think the yarn must have been frazzed.

Oh well. There is a place where I accidentally knitted into the stitch below and then couldn't fix, and at least I will get to rip that back and fix it. Whoo hoo!


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