Friday, September 30, 2005

Hats and Scarves and Stuff

Thinking about Mariah:
1. Could use Wool of Andes and combine order with SP gift
2. Want to put long ribbed collar on it instead of hood
3. Really ought to make more progress on other knits in progress first
4. Love doing those closed-loop cables
5. Should I wait? Should I order? I can't decide!

Beth was charged $111.96 for an $11.96 order at Taco Bell this weekend. The manager of the store assured her that nobody ripped her off, that it can't be done. Even *I* can see how that can be done.

Thought I was getting a cold, but today I feel good. Maybe the sore throat was a side effect of Advair. I watched Without A Trace last night (like) and CSI (don't really like) and worked on Irish Hiking Scarf (which has become an endless project somehow although it is really quick to knit) and did about five rows of sleeves on SdJ, which took an hour. I'm knitting two at once on a circ. The INOX just feels so, so heavy compared to bamboo or Denise. Funny huh.

Might go to a Titans game Sunday. I wore my Manos hat to work today!

Going to look at Knit Picks.


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