Wednesday, June 26, 2002

The Birthday: Now I am 32. :) That's happy.

I got a new bag, 2 DVDs, the new Moby disc, a lollipop, crayons, a Powerpuff girls watch with 3 interchangable bands, 2 cool photo frames, an excellent Starbucks travel mug, a nice dinner, some lovely scented soaps, a candle that looks like a birch tree and glows from inside, and a $40 gift card to a DVD store.

What does this say about me? Apparently I enjoy cartoons, movies and soap. Yep! That's me. :)

I also got two dozen roses. They are gorgeous.

The Workout: Am now on Week 4, day 2. Or I just finished it this morning. This next tape is really kicking my behind, or should I say, making it disappear. On the one hand, it's so hard. On the other, it's so worth it to have less backside. The payoff has begun to exceed the effort required.

But my arms are weak, my back muscles hurt, and I am generally sore and crabby. Two more days of pain and I should be better able to keep up.

I can do this. I can do this. There is no way I'm going to quit now after all this work. I haven't missed a workout, which is practically a miracle. Despite my complaints I love the workout and I feel good.



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