Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Day 7 progress report: This is the first day I kind of blew it because I ate pizza. But not too much pizza.

I am pretty sure I'm lactose-intolerant (that's pretty). I spent the day huddled over my desk in pain. Bought some Lactaid. We'll see if it works.

Today is day 8. Or week 2, day 1! The important thing is that I made it through week 1. Now if I can make it through today! I go up a step in intensity in my workouts tonight. I am trying not to think about it too hard.

I learned an important lesson today. My body feels better when I work out. Yes, folks, I was up at 7am today doing the ab tape just to be doing something to get my heart rate up and make my muscles feel awake.

I am not going to quit. Not today anyway.

Have been reading bits and pieces of Quest for Love. I don't know why I picked it up again but I seemed to need the dose of Elisabeth Elliot.

One thing really strikes me. This is a book about all the times that God has intended for people to be together and most of the time the circumstances looked horrible and off to the people who were involved. But they waited. They took God at His word that He would provide what they needed and they sat back to wait.

"Faint heart never won fair lady." Anthony Trollope. Hahaha.

Well, the best part the story of a missionary man and this woman he loved for six years. She barely thought of him; he wrote her a letter that said, in effect, You have become a missionary to China without knowing anything about the Chinese people except the barest minimum. You know that it is God's will that you do this, and you are confident that because it is His will, He will give you His love for the Chinese. Apply the same clear logic to my proposal. If it is God's will that we marry, will He not give you the love for me you need?

AHG! Now that is where I have no faith. I think that when someone is interested in me I must be interested in them or I can't consider anything. But here is an example showing that is not true. Must rethink.

Anyway, I am still happy with singlehood but am not sure it is a permanent situation. I couldn't tell you why.



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