Saturday, November 12, 2005


I got an eye exam, shopped at Office Depot for a printer ink cartridge, went to Old Navy and bought a pair of cords and two t-shirts ($30! total!) and bought some yarn at JoAnn for some yarn for house socks which have been requested by a certain man in my life. He wants machine-wash so I found a pattern (through the 617 free patterns link) for some ribbed socks made in Wool-Ease with a #4 needle. I thought this excessively small BUT I remember LYS owner telling me that if you're not using sock yarn you need to knit more tightly to add strength to the fabric - you don't have nylon on your side.

So this sock had an interesting ribbing pattern but very weird heel that struck me as ill-fitting (no gusset decreases?) so I just did a little bit of doodling and decided to use the basic heel construction from the Jaywalker footie, which I am sure is simply a basic heel, but it felt good to make a major pattern modification. The other modification I made is to knit the sole in stockinette instead of the k1, sl1, k1, p2 / k3 p2 rib pattern I'm using.

Alas, he's gone this weekend and I really need to try it on him to see if it fits so far and how long to make it. Weird knitting socks for someone else!

Worked a fair amount on Clapotis, fourth or fifth increase section is now done. Whoo! This pattern is totally addictive.

Some chick at the mall grabbed me and buffed my thumb nail to prove to me I don't need clear polish. Years of abuse have caught up with me though - the nail hurts like crazy tonight.

and ugh, pms.


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