Friday, October 28, 2005

In the last two days I've been told I seem to have a very peculiar, savant-like ability to knit.

I've been knitting since February. I don't feel like a good knitter, nor am I particularly fast. But I have tried every which way of learning to knit I can, including English, Continental, Combined, and (my new favorite) Lever knitting. David over at Threaded Bliss knits this way and it looks like he is knitting continentally with the yarn in his right hand. He doesn't take his hands off the needles to wrap the yarn - he just uses his finger to wrap. Very cool looking AND fast.

So I think that maybe you just have to find what works for you. I don't know. My stepmom is kind of mad at me because she's been trying to learn to knit for about six months, and doesn't feel she has the hang of it yet.


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