Thursday, March 25, 2004

so i think heidi told me how i can do the blog thing with target iframe. i need to get a book on html and probably buy the golive update for osx. this is important because i do want to put up a jen site eventually and the easier it's going to be the better. must research the cost.

today is beautiful and i am going to try to go for a walk after work. i am really craving exercise lately.

at lunch yesterday i looked at the back of my hand. the skin looked old. so i hunted around online and found the hand lotion that the chick used at aveda for hand massage during my facial and bought a small tube. also the foot cream. that stuff is amazing. my feet feel baby soft and uncallused.

i don't know if that will be a good thing when i walk, though. and the stuff is $7.50 for a small tube, and $18 for four times as much. i only want the small tube so i can carry it in my purse. grrr.


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