Wednesday, March 24, 2004

First: photography stuff.

i shot some pictures on sunday with a 35mm nikon nikomat. the first roll i totally screwed up because i forgot to push the rewind release button at the bottom of the camera. that was color. i shot another roll, this time black and white. just the cats. they hated it, gosh, what a mean mommy i am. anyway, i got those developed and decided i need to tighten up the shots more, look at the frame while i'm shooting, not just the subject, try a little harder for better composition, and try to remember that people look at pictures because they see something unusual or familiar in them and they will evoke an emotion. they will remember the feeling more than the shot itself. i apply this to design every day but for some reason wasn't thinking of it when taking pics.

so last night i shot a roll of xp2 black and white and used the flash, after i screwed up about four shots i finally figured out how to do it right. set the asa on the flash wheel (at the hinge) and then you look for your aperture setting on the rest of the wheel. i wanted 4, that fell in the color yellow, so i set the dial on the front of the flash to yellow. then shoot away. i shot at 125th/sec and stopped down one, that is, had 400 speed film but set camera to 200 so it would be a tad overexposed. snapps says it's better to have film that is too thick than too thin.

i will drop it off on the way home today, at wolf.

so i got one decent shot of grady, nothing too happy or interesting but at least it wasn't all bad. he has an interesting expression.

i'm pretty stuck creatively on the poster and cover. i just kind of choked at the cover type and i don't know why. i guess i need to talk to ed about it.



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