Monday, January 20, 2003

Big snow on Thursday, so I left work at 2:15. Some others left at 10 am and it took them 5 hours to get home. I made it in an hour (12 minute trip). Company was closed Friday.

Things I did while snowed in:
- watched Special Edition LordoftheRings once
- watched almost all of the additional commentary (highly recommended)
- watched 6 episodes of the first season of 24
- bought cat food
- bought some TV exercise videos
- made great vat of chili
- read 300 pages of LordoftheRings book
- saw TheTwoTowers
- watched Oakland stamp the life out of Tennessee
- spent some Christmas money at Williams-Sonoma
- tried to remember what I had ever seen Elijah Wood in before, and couldn't think of anything except possibly something about "Ewoks" (was wrong)
- threw snowballs at my cats (they didn't like)
- made snowman for cats and carried him upstairs to patio (they like, they keep laying next to it and eating the snow)

I think that's enough. Must finish up important deadlines.


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