Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Today I went out for dinner with friends and realized that most of my social circle is M or MWK. So talk was of husbands and kids and God forbid, many other things i don't want to think about as a single woman trying to hold on to shred of celibacy at 32 years of age.

I love my friends but I left really, really depressed.

My cats are chasing one another around the apartment and every now and then stop to bang into something and chew on each others' throats. This is a sign of affection. Another sign is not quite as easily repeatable. Let's just say that Grady is a bit cleaner these days than in pre-Fiona times.

I have to go to a neurologist this week. Every time I bend my head my legs get tingly. I hate to say this, but it's the same feeling as when I have my mobile set to vibrate. Don't let your imagination go too far with that - I don't like the feeling at all. Also am nauseated and v tired. Dr. says it's probably a pinched nerve in C1 territory.

Bleh. I'm just a bright ray of sunshine.


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