Monday, May 06, 2002

Let me tell you how much I hate SprintPCS. First some old battleaxe calls me demanding a $117 payment. She won't give me any reason for why I owe that, just that I do. She refers me to customer service while admitting that they probably won't be able to help me either.

I call customer service.

I look up my account on the web while calling. Wireless Web was never reinstated. Total overcharge for WW minutes in April: $90. Total bill: $296. Evidently they didn't think I'd want to know this.

I was on hold for 19 minutes.

The rep came back. Verdict: no record of me calling SPCS to reinstate web on March 6. Result: They removed overcharge from May and 'best they could do' was split the $90 April charge with me. So I have to pay $45 because of their rank incompetence.

They have the worst customer service on earth. Except for this lady - she was amazing. Love her.

New brakes on the buggy today. $130. It will be nice to stop without grinding.

Other than that, police mistakenly let a convict loose downtown and helicopters are circling like sharks trying to find him. They brought the wrong dude downtown for a bus ticket home. They let a murderer go instead of a guy who'd quietly served his sentence.



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