Wednesday, October 01, 2003

ok, so this is a big deal

My friend was attacked by someone last week and though she is safe now, she is experiencing post-traumatic stress. I've got to check up on her.

Think that on Friday I'm going to see Cinema Paradiso with Yvette and Joanie. That's happy. Hope Jamie joins us too.

Saturday I am going to set up Paypal for the Codenames site. Today I have MT and then hanging out with Scott. Tomorrow I have a facial at Bobbi Brown (just want someone professional to do my makeup so I can keep learning) so that's cool. I love when people make up my face. I don't even care how they do's just fun to be a model. :)

Ok, so, there is a trunk at BB that I would really like but THIS is materialistic. I do not need a $125 makeup suitcase, though if I am going to keep doing makeup for photo shoots I should have SOMETHING. It makes sense. It's so darn cool looking. I already decided that if we get a nice bonus this year I'll treat myself to a set of brushes. Those will last a lifetime.

Which reminds me, last night I was at M's hanging out with the girls. They are so cool...Phil had a copy of the new book about Rich Mullins sitting out so I decided to read it. I remembered so much of what I always admired about him. I think he's probably the christian I most admire. The one thing that struck me is how much I need simplicity. In many ways I am right where I want to be (I don't need a house, I don't need fancy furniture or clothes, etc.) but in others I am horrified of how shallow I can be. Hey, sin isn't pretty. But what he said was 'have what you need, enjoy what you have.' And that you can be as prideful of poverty as you can be of wealth. Well, I am nowhere near poverty, and nowhere near wealth, but I do understand the need to not be prideful. I own too many things. Too many things I don't need.

Anyway, that wasn't to bash myself, I'm okay, but it was helpful to recenter on what is important. Simplicity is important. And not just in material things - simplicity in all things. How about the simplicity of keeping your word, of taking care of yourself, of seeking the face of God? The simplicity of remembering to smile at people you see in the hallway. These are simple disciplines but I believe they are important ones. The point isn't "Look how spiritual I am!" but am I trying to keep things simple...Love your neighbor? That's a simple thing. Not easy, but simple. Put others first. Give and it will be given to you. Love God.

Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.



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