Thursday, September 18, 2003

Arrgh. Don't forget tomorrow is talk like a pirate day.

So, the pants. I've learned I now fit a 12 (even at Banana Republic, which is major victory over old Jen). But, I've also learned that out of 87 pairs I tried last night, I didn't find any I like. Same story - fit has changed, have no idea what to look for. Will take time.

In girls' pants hips look too big but love the fit in the leg. Waist as always is just hanging off me. In guys' pants - well, they look v good but wish they made flare khakis for boys. I mean come ON.

In other news, even the 12 at Abercrombie fit me, but they were so unbelievably low-waisted I (deleted because it attracted ads for wimmen's unnerthangs).

Face it, woman, am not 22 anymore. Am in thirties and women just look ridiculous wearing teen fashions at this age.



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