Wednesday, September 03, 2003

So, we've all been watching the so-called "Fab 5" and finally last night there was one show where they slipped a little. They remade a guy who'd lost 100+ lbs and had a serious problem with housecleaning. They did a GREAT job with his looks; new haircut, hair goo, great clothes, and even did a decent job decorating his apartment. The food & wine guy, however, had him shucking oysters (what is THAT?) and the culture guy did NOT give him any sort of ease in his club setting. He was supposed to teach him to dance. And the guy just couldn't do it in front of his gf. Now, maybe that's not the dancer's fault, but this was definitely Average White Boy dancing.

But man, did his new haircut look good. He went from Kramer to John Turturro in 1/2 an hour. They also whitened his teeth.

Vanity, darling, let's not do that ... yet. And no Botox before age 40 should be a federal law.

Yours in shallowness,

(Bridget seems to have left with Mr Darcy and I am wondering what kind of ad THIS will generate.)


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