Monday, July 09, 2001

Have just been reading old blog posts and feel am cheating readers unless I make mention of what I've been up to lately. First, cleaned out all the old junk I was complaining about below from my dining room. Next, I sorted through all the books and put them in underbed storage boxes, stored properly under bed. Next, took rest of non-book junk and sorted through it and decided what to keep and what to throw away. Have stored junk in extra bedroom as currently have no roommate and will eventually put in closet once closet is cleaned.

Have severe mental block over closet. Do not want to clean but must as Laura is coming from L.A. in two weeks and do not want friends to see me living like that.

Next step was to buy two unfinished chairs at Lowe's and put them together: $44.95 per chair. Assembled chairs (used tools!) in afternoon and painted with primer, which was oil-based and nearly asphyxiated cat. Aired out cat. Painted (chairs) with three coats of latex paint (barn red) and sanded at appropriate moments. Am currently working on finishes. Furniture wax looked great but too high-maintenance. Bought polycrylic finish and have been painting it on, letting it dry and sanding since Saturday. Looks v. nice.

Underbed boxes: $8
Chairs: $90
Primer: $8
Paint: $15
Sandpaper: $4
Polycrylic: $4
Brush: $4
Storage boxes: $8

Total cost of project: $150

I'm pretty proud of myself. And you should see how beautiful the chairs look. Next step: hanging my 60" high Art Nouveau poster and getting some placemats, or a table runner, or something else that looks nice.

Martha would be proud. :)


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