Monday, July 09, 2001

Have been away far too long from blog page and must make effort to write more often.

CHANDRA, WHERE ARE YOU? Have become obsessed with Chandra Levy missing persons case. Most people don't disappear. Most people aren't the victims of random, anonymous crimes. Most people are killed by people who are supposed to love them. No wonder Condit is hiding. I don't think he did it, but do understand his need for privacy. Interesting that he was one of Clinton's most vocal critics. Hi Pot, my name's Kettle.

IT'S EITHER GRACE, OR IT'S NOT: Isn't that the case? Any efforts made by a man to secure his own salvation prove false. If they are necessary efforts, than salvation is not by grace, but by the man's own works. I have such a hard time understanding why this doesn't make sense to people. Grace cannot have as an addition the efforts and works of the man. God doesn't need us to add anything to what Christ has done to validate it or otherwise make it 'work.' He either saves us or we aren't saved. Am tired of hearing people complain that we must do our part to show God we really, really want salvation before He will save us. That makes Him dependent upon our will and therefore we are center of universe and in control of own destiny. Or am I the only person who sees this?

I NEVER THOUGHT I'D DO THIS, BUT...: Have been proud owner of Franklin Planner for six months now! Honestly, never thought I'd still be aware of where the silly thing is, let alone still using it everyday, at this point. But cannot seem to get work done without it and have become completely dependent. This is scary because they have discontinued my groovy Metropolitan pages and everything else is cheesy and ugly. Am hoping they will come out with another hip set of inserts by the holidays. Starting work on November issue, which is why this is suddenly a concern in July.


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