Thursday, November 20, 2003

A lady accosted me tonight in the parking lot for pulling out of mailboxes before she did. She was just having a bad day, I guess - she said as much - but for some reason when she yelled at me, I yelled back. Not v good.

Am amazed at what a terrible christian I usually am.

Found really nice, shiny black pants at BR today and will go back to get them this weekend. As it stands I don't even have a pair of dressy pants in case invited to Christmas party or something. Also these are $98 pants for $40. Good deal.

Going to Daytona on Wednesday. A bit apprehensive about Mom seeing weight loss. Not like I can hide it anymore, and she'll quiz me at length. I really don't want to share much with her, so let's hope I can just hang on.

Not worrying about points on Thanksgiving, I don't think, but must ask the Oneders.


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