Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I am still kind of hacked off at this washing machine issue. It's no big deal - maintenance gave me an old junker instead of the one they were supposed to install. :( Whatever.

In honor of washing machines, check out these links :

Antique Washing Machines

I started out looking for Disposable Clothing through Google but ended up here : Standarised Buttock Measurements. Here is my favorite quote:

       Clearly, you all know, the size of your "Arse" depends on the distance of you from the equator, subtracting how many days until the Vernal equinox (or adding if the equinox has already passed), all over the square root of your height (in millimeters). Here is the equation:   
       D - (T)   
       ------- = -ss size (moons, or Ms)   
       It's just that simple.

And 21 Laundry Tips from The Frugal Shopper. My favorite is #2.


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