Monday, May 13, 2002

Decorating update: I redecorated the bathroom for $80, including towels. I bought them at Kohl's & got a good deal. I had good mats. Kirs gave me a shower curtain. At Pottery Barn I found a lotion dispenser, soap dish and toothbrush holder for $16 TOTAL. Light blue. And a good poured candle that smells like paperwhites. Tif brought a 'thankyou' shower gift for me yesterday - a GROOVY glass candle holder with a matching blue candle in it. So my bathroom is fully upgraded for the new apartment. And I cleaned all the junk out of living room. New candles: $50. (That's the only decoration now, really). Will hang art on the walls. Busted apart a director's chair I had and made it into a sling seat for the cats at the patio window.

It's wonderful. :)

And I've watched a zillion movies this week. My favorites - Rear Window and Babette's Feast. Thank God for cable. But what is the deal with Miss Torso?


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